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Softail Chain Conversion Kit, 2008-2017 6 Speed

Softail Chain Conversion Kit, 2008-2017 6 Speed
HARLEY Softail Chain Conversion Kit, 2008-2017 6 Speed

Our Conversion kit includes everything needed to covert your 2008-2017 6 speed Softail belt drive to a heavy duty 530 O-ring chain

CALL TO DISCUSS OR EMAIL TO DISCUSS YOUR OPTIONS 724 662 0581 or vcwsales@gmail.com 24T Front Sprocket and 51T Rear Sprocket is equivalent to the stock belt drive gearing.

49T Rear Sprocket= 4% Overdrive

48T Rear Sprocket= 6% Overdrive

NOTE: This is for OEM Style 6 Speed Transmissions ONLY. (Will NOT fit your Revtech, Ultima, Baker or other Aftermarket 6 Speed Trans.) Our 6 Speed Transmission Sprocket

Heat Treated Steel

24 Tooth

Steel Rear Wheel Sprocket

Full .350 thickness for 530 Chain, beware of other thin .25 thickness sprockets out there.

Steel Sprockets last longer than aluminum sprockets and are ideal for high load situations (Burnouts, Wheelies, High Horsepower Engines)

Black Powdercoat Steel or Chrome plated Steel

48, 49, or 51 Tooth Available

Pulley Spacer

Spacers have dual bolt patterns. One bolt pattern is drilled and counter-bored for 7/16 socket head cap screws, and the other for your stock pulley / sprocket bolts.

No more searching for hard to find 7/16 bolts, they are included with the kit.

Ultra Coated Grade '8' Hex Head Bolts for Rear Sprocket

5 Grade '8' Hex Head Bolts

Five times as corrosion resistant as standard zinc-plated screws.

With Stainless Steel Washers

530 Series O-Ring Chain, 120 Link

9,700lbs Tensile Strength

Includes Rivet Master Link

Component designs optimized with computer analysis provides higher tensile strength.

Specially controlled heat treatment means tougher material.

Reinforced roller offers higher impact resistance and longer durability.

Available in Natural, Black or Gold

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