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TC88A Plug-In Ignition for all 2003-2006 Carbureted Twin-Cam 88? and Sportster? SINGLE 12 PIN CON.

TC88A Plug-In Ignition for all 2003-2006 Carbureted Twin-Cam 88? and Sportster? SINGLE 12 PIN CON.
TC88A Plug-In Ignition for all 2003-2006 Carbureted Twin-Cam 88? and Sportster? SINGLE 12 PIN CONNECTOR

? Wide timing advance adjustment range accommodates stock to highly modified engines

? Digitally set RPM limit (100 RPM steps from 3,000 to 9,900 RPM)

? Full support for J1850 data bus used for communications with instrument cluster and turn signal/security module (TSM/TSSM)

? Compatible with aftermarket tachometers

? Built-in data logging. Stores last 30 minutes of engine operation

? Extensive diagnostics. Compatible with H-D? scan tool.

? Optional USB interface and software for custom programming and data analysis.

? Billet aluminum housing with black anodized finish

? Easy plug-in installation

The TC88A provides coverage for all 2003 and later H-D? carbureted models using the new 12 pin ignition module. The 50 states street legal TC88A EX version fits 2004-2006 carbureted Twin Cam 88? engines and features advance curves suitable for all street applications including high compression engines.

The TC88A Race version fits all 2004-2006 carbureted Twin Cam 88? and 2003-2006 Sportster? engines and includes race advance curves with a slightly wider adjustment range.

The TC88A is constructed with a low profile machined billet aluminum housing. The unit offers easy plug-in installation and all the switches are accessible from the top - a significant advantage for most installations.

Four rotary switches are used to set the advance characteristics and RPM limit. Since the new engines use a non-adjustable crankshaft position sensor, mechanical timing adjustments are no longer possible. The TC88A solves this problem with a switch for setting the initial timing. A second switch sets the slope of the advance curve. The combination of these two switches allows the user to optimize the timing advance for a wide range of applications - from stock to highly modified engines.

New H-D? motorcycles use the SAE J1850 data bus for communications between the ignition module, instrument cluster, turn signal/security module (TSM/TSSM), and diagnostic scan tools. The TC88A fully supports this new J1850 data bus including the use of the H-D? scan tool to read sensor data and clear diagnostic codes.

The TC88A features built-in data logging that stores data for the last 30 minutes of engine operation including RPM, vehicle speed, manifold pressure, ignition advance, and battery voltage. Engine builders will find the data logging feature highly useful for tuning, diagnosing problems, and reducing unjustified warranty claims.

An optional USB interface (P/N USB-INTF) and Windows compatible software allow the use of a laptop PC to program a custom advance curve for precise dyno tuning, download data logged by the unit, and access additional features such as speedometer/odometer recalibration (to accommodate tire and gear changes). The USB interface plugs into the existing H-D? diagnostic connector on the motorcycle wiring harness. The USB interface is sold separately, but Windows compatible software is available for download. The software will operate in demo mode without an ignition attached.

Like the H-D? OE module, the TC88A sends RPM data to the OE tachometer over the J1850 data bus. TC88A units with firmware revision 2.0 and higher also provide an optional 12 volt square wave tach signal (one pulse per revolution) that is compatible with most tachometers intended for 1999-2003 Twin Cam 88? applications. This allows you to retrofit a wide range of tachometers to newer 2004-2006 models. Please download the TC88A installation instructions for details on tach hookup. If you plan to use the optional tach hookup, you will require the PC link cable and software to enable the tach output. TC88A units with firmware revision lower than 2.0 can be factory reprogrammed to add the tach output feature (please call for details).

TC88A-IH - Special Version for 2004-2007 American IronHorse? Motorcycles American IronHorse? motorcycles use a non-adjustable ignition system manufactured in England by Gill. The TC88A-IH is a special version of our TC88A ignition that is compatible with 2004-2007 American IronHorse? models. Installation involves cutting off the original equipment 18 terminal AMP connector used with the Gill module and replacing it with a 12 terminal Deustch connector supplied with the TC88A-IH kit. On 2005 and later models, some minor rewiring of the MAP sensor and engine temperature sensor ground connections is required. Please refer to the TC88A-IH Installation Instructions for details.

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