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HARLEY AIR CLEANERS, Power Kit for S&S Super E G Carb Black Anodized

HARLEY AIR CLEANERS, Power Kit for S&S Super E G Carb Black Anodized
HARLEY AIR CLEANERS, S&S Super E G Carb Power Kit in Solid Brass

This Solid Brass Velocity Stack is only 1 and 3/16 tall and 3 inches in Diameter

Counter bored on Carb side to nest the Screen while installing!!

Will fit S and S Super E/G Carburetors

Comes with 3 Machined and Polished 304 Stainless Steel Bolts with Loctite already applied on bolt!! Stainless Steel Screen Mesh!! Machined from Solid 360 Brass and “polished to a mirror finish and then coated to reduce tarnishing!! This is where the power kit starts.

Domed Choke Knob for S&S Super E G Carb.

This Solid Brass Choke Knob matches our Velocity Stack Machined from solid 360 brass and polished to a mirror finish.

Mounts with a set screw on your stock choke rod…set screw provided!! Will fit S and S Super E/G Carburetors

This Knob has three settings! Choke off..Half Choke…Full Choke. THe half choke is nice for warm ups with out your bike running high RPM during warm up!!

Set of Head Breather Bolts for Big Twins with 3/8″ hole or Evos/Sportsters with 1/2″ hole – Choose one

Email Choice or call 724 662 0581


Super clean look!!

Fully machined from solid 360 Brass .

Polished Stainless Steel Wire Mesh…no rusting here!!

Polished Stainless Steel Snap Ring also…No rusting!!

Comes with 4 pieces of Uni Foam…. 2 Blacks and 2 Reds….so you pick the pair that matches your needs!

Bolts have a machined Diameter to match the ‘thick” machined Stainless Steel Washers…perfectly so the washer stays perfectly round to the bolt

And the washer is machined to the same diameter as the hex on the bolt…..super clean look!!!

Thread comes two sizes:

3/8-16 by 3/4 long and fits All Big Twins (Dynas, Softails, Touring, CVO) from 1994-2014 – EFI & Carbureted

1/2-13 by 3/4 long and fits All Sportsters 1991-2012 – EFI & Carbureted AND Big Twin Evo’s Kits comes with: 2 Solid Brass Machined Bolts

2 Stainless Steel Washers

2 pieces of Polished Stainless Steel Mesh

4 pieces of Uni Foam (2 black -2 Red)

4 Stainless Steel Snap Rings!

QUESTIONS 724 662 0581
Our Price: $199.00

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