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DAYTONA TWIN TEC EIgnition Modules for 1990 and Later Evolution? Big-Twin? and 1990-1993 Sportster?

DAYTONA TWIN TEC EIgnition Modules for 1990 and Later Evolution? Big-Twin? and 1990-1993 Sportster?
DAYTONA TWIN TEC EIgnition Modules for 1990 and Later Evolution? Big-Twin? and 1990-1993 Sportster?

Wide timing advance adjustment range accommodates stock to highly modified engines

? Digitally set RPM limit (100 RPM steps)

? Selectable single or dual fire mode

? Selectable multi-spark mode for quick starting and smooth cruise

? Coil outputs protected against short circuits

? Optional USB interface and software for programming custom advance curve

? Billet aluminum housing with black anodized finish

? Easy plug-in installation

Two part numbers are available. The difference is in the mating connector. Model 1006 has a 7 pin connector and is intended for 1990-1994 H-D? motorcycles. Model 1007 has an 8 pin connector and is intended for later models. The external module offers easy plug-in installation and is ideal as a do-it-yourself item. Models 1006 and 1007 are intended for electric start applications only and are not compatible with kick start engines.

The unit is constructed with a low profile machined billet aluminum housings. With the exception of external mounting and plug-in connection, all other features are the same as the Model 1005 internal ignition. Four rotary switches are used to set the operating modes (such as single or dual fire), adjust the timing advance, and select the RPM limit. Two diagnostic LEDs indicate status and the state of the vacuum switch (VOES). The status LED is also used for static timing, as it will flash when the engine reaches top dead center (TDC).

You can adjust the slope of the advance curve. The user can optimize the timing advance for a wide range of applications - from stock to highly modified engines. For details, including advance curves, you can download the installation instructions from our website.

Switch selectable single or dual fire mode allows you to initially install the unit and run it in dual fire mode with your stock coil. You can then easily upgrade to single fire by adding an appropriate coil. If you have a tach, it will continue to operate properly (some competitive systems require that you purchase a tach adapter).

A special feature allows use of the tachometer wire for a link to a laptop PC when the engine is not running. While the customer does not require the PC link for any normal setup or operation, it can be used to access additional features for precise dyno tuning (such as programming a custom advance curve and setting rear cylinder timing offset). Our new USB interface (P/N USB-INTF) is used for this purpose. The USB interface is sold separately, but Windows compatible software is available for download. The software will operate in demo mode without an ignition attached.

The Model 1007 is highly recommended for demanding race applications where extreme engine temperatures would reduce the reliability of an internal module. Using our Model 1007 ignition system, J&P Cycles? just set a new national AMA speed record of 179.940 MPH in the 1350cc pushrod gas class at the 3rd annual Bub? International Land Speed Trials (September 2006 at the Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway).

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Our Price: $315.00

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